Anxiety is not something everyone talks about. With an air of stigma attached. and a general uncertainty as how to deal with it, this an issue worth addressing openly. Anxiety is very common, it can incredibly uncomfortable and debilitating stopping a person from reaching their full potential and happiness in life, quite often people self medicate with food. alcohol, drugs, etc. to gain relief. Over time, anxiety can wreck havoc on the nervous system, making it incredibly sensitive so it becomes easily triggered, its through certain exercises and practices that we can desensitize the nervous system and rewire our brains so we become calmer and more at peace. Swedish diplomat and author Dag Hammarskjold once said, “Bless your uneasiness as a sign that there is still life in you.” Anxiety is a biological signal nudging you in the direction of beneficial change. It can be enormously helpful to locate it using breath work and self awareness techniques. Once we have identified its associated sensations we can begin our work together. Life coaching can bring invaluable strategies in combating anxiety, and in coming back from addiction. With the right tools and resources, there is no end to what we can accomplish in life when we invest in ourselves in this way. Having an unbiased person at your side who can facilitate healing or guide you in recovery can be life changing.


When we are mindful we are aware, attentive, grounded and happier. We use the phrase to be “mindful” of a potential hazard but we don’t typically talk about being mindful of our strength, our place and our worth. This is the kind of mindfulness I am interested in. Mindfulness combats anxiety by making us feel more calm and grounded, some of the ways we can achieve this is through the breath or meditation. I am compelled by all the ways in which mindfulness can be useful in your life, and for your peace of mind. Breath work is extremely powerful and disarmingly simple. I don’t like making things complicated! It’s just about allowing energy to flow more freely through your body; about slowing it all down and retraining ourselves to “mind” our experiences. It is our birthright to be healthy and happy, and when we are not feeling that way we are out of alignment. Breath work and mindfulness brings you back in, and teaches you what is means to fully embrace. It is life changing.

What's the process?

Well, first I offer a complimentary consult, to answer any questions you might have about life coaching and to determine if it is right for you. Once we decide to move forward, the terms of our meeting can be established mutually. Nothing is in stone. I prefer to treat each client uniquely. We can arrange phone calls and meetings according to your schedule and budget. Sometimes, one session is enough but we can discuss that in the consult. Once we meet to dig into your situation I will ask you some questions to get to know you better and lay out strategy. We will discuss your interests, exercise habits and diet. Your social circle and the people you surround with will also be relevant. You never know!

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